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Our goal is to make etiquette “approachable” for every age. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy designing them with you in mind. It’s all about Polish, Poise, & Etiquette! #gotPOPE

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Dining Etiquette Collection

Because you’re never too young or too old to learn table manners!

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"She was excited to learn and loved the colors." ~Mrs. Mary

"She enjoys it and says it makes her feel like she is someplace in London in a fancy restaurant. She feels more sophisticated." ~Mrs. Marisa C.

"Love the flash card idea." ~Mrs. Bridgit

"My kids LOVE the placemats! They get upset if I forget to replace them when I'm done washing and drying them." ~Mrs. Laura

"We are away on vacation and obviously didn’t travel with the placemats. While we were in a restaurant, my 5 year old laid out her place setting like the placemats. Right down to the bread plate and butter knife!" ~Mrs. Marisa G.

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