• Business Etiquette
  • Dining Etiquette
  • Communications
  • Protocol
  • Youth

The Pope Institute Founder - Business Etiquette

Topics Covered:

Civility in the Workplace
Building Relationships
Difficult Situations
Navigating Business Socials
International Etiquette & Protocol


The Pope Institute Founder - Dining Etiquette

Two Options:

Table Manners Top Ten (without a meal)
Four-Course Meal Instruction (2 hour lesson with meal)

Topics Covered:

Place Settings
Napkin Etiquette
Silent Signals
Eating Difficult Foods
Dining Out Scenarios
Business Socials


The Pope Institute Founder - Communications Etiquette

Topics Covered:

Shaking Hands
Business Cards
Written Communication
Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication
Social Networking vs. Social “Not-Working”
Content Management


The Pope Institute - Protocol

Topics Covered:

Forms of Address
Dining Etiquette
Order of Precedence
Handling Principals
International Etiquette & Protocol


The Pope Institute - Youth

Topics Covered:

Table Manners
Introductions & Handshakes
Posture & Graceful Movement
Grooming & Attire


We work with youth ages 7 to 18.
Programming can be tailored for schools, youth groups, and special events such as debutante balls.
Be sure to ask us about “buddy classes.”


Note: All topics can be tailored for individuals and groups, as well as youth and adults. Our sessions are dynamic and engaging, and include practical exercises throughout.